How do I report a bug? | River City Ransom: Underground

How do I report a bug?

Before submitting a bug, please be sure you have searched through the knowledge base for information which may already have been found regarding your problem.  

If you believe you have discovered a unique bug that needs to be reported to the developers, please use the pop-up at the bottom right of the window ("Click here for help"), and click on CONTACT SUPPORT.

In the "Your Message" field, please include the following:

BUG: [Replace with one-sentence description of what happened]
OS: [Replace with your operating system information]
DIRECTX: [Replace with your installed DirectX version]
CONTROLLER:[Replace with your control scheme, i.e. keyboard, gamepad, type, etc.]
MODE: [Replace with mode description – local multiplayer, Internet game]
REPRO STEPS: [Replace with steps to reproduce the bug. Be as specific as possible.]
RESULTS: [Replace with description of effects of bug]

In the "Attach a File" field, please upload evidence/demonstrations of the bug in the form of screenshots and/or video files.

Click SEND MESSAGE to submit the report.  A ticket for the bug will be automatically created in our help desk system.